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How does Agrisim work?

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all suitable crops & revenue

We calculate all the suitable crops for the climate and soil conditions of your parcel. We combine it with the expected earnings for next season for each crop.

 All data you need for informed decisions are brought together and simplified to help you foresee the results of your possible decisions and plan accordingly.

I want to discover


with satellite imagery

Follow what is going on on your fields at the comfort of your home or wherever you are thanks to high resolution satellite imagery.

See if your crop grow as expected. You can also find out if there is any stress related to water, fertilizer or any pest and disease.

Take right action at the right time without missing any spot on your parcel. Protect your crops and yields easily. Not to mention that your scouting activities will only become more effective and less costly!

How much I can earn?
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with insights

Take the right action at the right time, exactly when your crops need it. Adjust your planning according to the actual health status of your crops.

Manage tasks, observations, sales and all growing activities in one place. Keep track of actual costs and revenue.

Discover best yielding management practices, learn, repeat. Grow insightfully, grow better!

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Data- driven decision support suite built for

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Suppliers & Consultants
Fertilizer, seed, machinery..

Empower your sales force by providing customized advice and information for your clients.

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Regional / National
Agricultural Governments

Monitor & analyze on a bigger scale easily for better strategic planning and policy making on production plans, subsidies, grants, loans, taxes…

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Cooperatives &
Farmer Associations

Get full control over your members’ activities and provide timely consultancy and support. Increase productivity and satisfaction by implementing best management practices.

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of any scale

Increase your revenue by cultivating more suitable and/or more profitable crops to your land. Take the right action at the right moment thanks to satellite imagery. Protect and increase your yields. Keep track of your activities, costs and revenue.

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Buyers of agricultural products

Know where to get better supply, plan your suppliers and contracts. Monitor and analyse your suppliers, profitability and performance based on several parameters. Foresee possible problems in advance and manage your risks better.

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operating in agriculture

Monitor climate and land capabilities to better help farmers, to support sustainable farming and production. Manage micro-credits based on insights and potentials. Give on-time/on-site training.

Large database of crops
Markets available
Extended Financial Insights
Available in any language

AGRISIM is also supported by
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EU’s main climate innovation initiative
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AGRISIM is one of the 10 Third Stage Start-ups in Climate-KIC Netherlands.
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Agrisim in one of the first 11 climbers at thecamp
Innovation Awards
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Finalist on Accenture Innovation Awards
Fostering Entrepreneurship
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Growing Food & Agri Startups into Leading Enterprises
Le Village
by Crédit Agricole
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Coopérer pour Innover
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Testimonial by Marjan Heijkamp
Startup #Agrisim found a way to optimize land-use, using big-data, technology and algorithms, read more: #food
Marjan Heijkamp
, Climate-KIC coordinator
Testimonial by Abubaker
Best system for anyone in agriculture. Strong structure, feature availability, extensive content and customer support. Love AGRISIM team. You're awesome!
, AGRISIM customer

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