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FAQ | Agrisim


Most frequent questions and answers

Agrisim is available worldwide. It means no matter where you are, you can create your account and start to use Agrisim.

No. You do not need any equipment to start to use and improve your business. All you need is your computer or mobile.

No. Agrisim is a fully web-based service.

It will only take a couple of minutes. All you need to do is to locate your farmland and draw its boundaries in Agrisim. If you have many parcels, you can import them automatically. 

We want to facilitate a better and more sustainable agriculture all over the world. That is why we try to keep Agrisim affordable for every user. 

Our pricing is based on ha and the country. Standard pricing for your Insights plan can be found on your account page after registration for the free account.  For larger organizations, NGO’s we offer special pricing, please drop us a line at info@agrisim or contact us.

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