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Satellite Monitoring | Agrisim

Monitor Your Fields

Protect your yields and increase your income by monitoring the health of your crops with high resolution satellite imagery.

Monitor Growth

Monitor the growth of your crops, see if there are any parts of the field that is behind or not going correctly. Spot problems earlier and find out the reason easily!

Know When to Irrigate

Plan your irrigation when your crops need it! You can detect any missed spots, broken pumps, or sometimes prevent unnecessary irrigation. Increase & protect your yields!

Keep an Eye on Crop Health

Make sure that your crops have enough nutrients, are protected correctly at all times. Spot easily any area with a problem, take action on time & protect your crops!,

Use Agrisim
for an Average
Yield Increase of 20%

"I am using Agrisim to monitor my fields in Romania and can easily check the status of my fields without having to be there. I can easily see if the irrigation is going according to the plan, if fertilizing is done correctly. If there is any problem I can easily spot it in time. It is much accurate and cheaper than doing it in person. "

Eric, Farmer from the Netherlands

Plant Growth

Are your crops growing as expected? Are there any spots lacking behind others? It has never been easier to monitor overall health and growth of your crops! You can ensure that all your field is growing at the same pace, identify any spot with a slower growth rate without any scouting cost!


Thanks to Agrisim, your crops can always have enough water and on time! With satellite pictures you can monitor moisture levels of your field and ensure that enough water is available for optimum growth. You can spot if there are any broken equipment, any area under irrigated. 

Plant Health

Follow closely the health of your crops. Find out if they need nutrients or do you have any problems of pest of diseases. Spot the problems early and protect your yields.

High Resolution & Frequency

You can choose the resolution you need depending on your needs and budget. Starting from 10m x 10m, you can get details as high as 50 cmx50 cm.

Unlock your potential. Start Using Agrisim Today.