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Farm Management | Agrisim

Farm Management.
Made Easy!

Forget about your papers or excel sheets. We bring you the farm management you need!

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No Farm is too Small!

No farm is too small to manage professionally. Get all your operations under control and find out how to increase your revenue.

Easy & User Friendly

Agrisim developed the easiest farm management tool in the world. No obligatory fields or data, use it the way you need!

No Learning Curve

Anyone who can use a pen and paper can also use Agrisim farm management. No need of lengthy trainings or learning curves!

Farmers Using Agrisim
Cut Down their Costs
up to 25%

Before Agrisim I was using a pen and paper to keep track of my operations and costs. It was not very easy to find everything back and calculate. Thanks to Agrisim, I can easily keep track of all my farm operations in one place and monitor easily what is going on and how it results.

Paul, Farmer - South Africa


Create on your parcels cultivations with a couple of clicks.

Farm Inputs

You can keep all your inventory easily. Every time you use an input in an activity, it reflects automatically in your inventory. 


Schedule your activities, associate farm inputs, keep track what is used where, the costs, the results…


You can easily keep your scouting notes and results, take immediate action, prevent crop loss.

And More...

We know every farm is different. You can add as many details as you want, according to the needs of your farm. 

Start Smart Farming. Start Using Agrisim Today.