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Agrisim makes it easy to get all the insights  you need the most. 

No expensive infrastructure. No hassle. No waiting.

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Pick your location
Wherever you are in the world
Best crops, best timing,
potential revenue, rotations..
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Draw your parcels

Only setup needed  is to locate your farm and draw parcels.

The moment you save your parcel, all is set.

As easy as it can get!

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Check Conditions

Upon parcel creation, all climate and soil conditions of your location is delivered to you.

Check and edit if required. You are now all set to proceed to the insights.

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Find Best Crops

Your conditions are checked with the ideal growth conditions of thousands of crops and the results are displayed in your crop finder.

You can explore what are the most suitable crops and their potential earnings for the next season.

You can access all insights for irrigated and rain fed cultivation, and compare easily.

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Explore Year Cycles

Everything you need to know is at your fingertips:

Limiting conditions, possible planting dates,

expected revenues in different months of harvest….

All displayed for rain fed and irrigated conditions,

for simplifying comparisons!

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Get Price and Yield Forecasts

You do not need to be an economist to use financial data.

Be more in control of your earnings by using forecasts for the next season.

Access price, production and yield data of crops with a single click.

See how prices are changing over the year, how yields are evolving, what are the forecasts…

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Plan Easily & Insightfully

Easily plan your cultivation, crop rotations, irrigation.

With Agrisim, making most of your land is now possible.

Keep it profitable and sustainable.

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Bringing together all aspects from agronomy to finance

for simplifying decision making in agriculture

No infrastructure required
Agrisim is already available globally with all needed data
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We make smarter farming affordable for everyone.
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