Draw your parcels

Only setup needed  is to locate your farm and draw parcels.

The moment you save your parcel, all is set. We will do all the rest to gather all the data and deliver you useful insights to support all your activities. From your decision on what to grow until you harvest.

As easy as it can get!

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Explore best crops for next season

More than 400 crops and their suitability to your land for irrigated and rainfed cultivation will be delivered in less than a minute. Compare your revenue for different crops, planting dates etc.. You can also add crops to your planning to play around and simulate your yearly results.

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Monitor your fields from the sky

Monitor what is going on on your fields any moment with high resolution satellite imagery.

Optimize your by irrigation, fertilization, spraying.  Decrease your scouting costs and efforts, do not miss any spot that needs special attention.

Protect and increase your yields and revenue is that easy!

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Plan & Manage all activities easily

Planning and managing a farm has never been that easy and fun! Agrisim offers the most simple and intuitive farm management system that do not require any learning curve. No matter what size is your farm, you will benefit from planning and managing your activities in  Agrisim. On top of having an instant overview any moment, of your activities and costs, you are able to adjust your planning thanks to the insights provided by satellite imagery.

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Bringing together all aspects from agronomy to finance

to simplify decision making in agriculture

No infrastructure or setup required
Agrisim is globally available with all necessary data
Actionable Insights
Instead of complicated graphs and meaningless data dumps
Affordable and flexible pricing
We make smart farming affordable for everyone. No farm is too small to benefit.
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